Before establishing the consultancy business in 2011, Michael worked for 18 years at the Australian Human Rights Commission as senior policy and projects advisor to the Disability Discrimination Commissioner.

Robin joined the consultancy business as a consultant in 2017, and became a Director in 2018. Before joining the consultancy, Robin was Tasmania’s third Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, having been Chief Executive Officer of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd in Sydney. Robin has worked for more than 20 years in rights advocacy, particularly disability rights, and been a practicing lawyer since 2000.

Access to the built environment

Michael spent almost ten years working on the development of the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 (the Premises Standards) as a member of the Building Access Policy Committee and a number of Standards Australia committees.

Worked with the building industry to produce:

  • Advisory Notes on Access to Premises
  • Guideline on access to buildings and services
  • The good the bad and the ugly – CD
  • Missed business – a guide for small business
  • Accessible events – a guide for event organisers
  • Guideline on accessible bus stops 


  • Guidelines on the application of the Premises Standards (2011 and 2013)

Access to services and public transport

Michael and Robin have worked on disability access issues with a range of service providers, including government agencies, financial institutions, transport bodies, the internet industry, the TV, cinema and DVD sector, employer groups and community organisations throughout Australia.

Their work has involved high level partnerships and the development of industry standards and strategies to improve access to services and employment.

This has included the development of:

  • Disability Standards on Accessible Public Transport
  • Electronic banking standards
  • Public transport standards
  • TV, cinema and DVD captioning agreements
  • Internet and information access guidelines
  • Workplace adjustment policies and procedures
  • Investigation training for a government transport provider
  • Workplace training on inclusion and non-discriminatory practices

Local Government service and Action Plans

Our experience ranges from developing resources to assist individual local governments to work with their small business community through to assisting local government associations to support their members develop Disability Action Plans.

We have developed a number of resources of specific value to local government including:

  • Missed Business – a guide to assist small business to make their services more accessible (in partnership with Marrickville Council)
  • Accessible events – a guide for event organisers – in partnership with Meeting Events Australia
  • Guideline on accessible bus stops
  • Advice on the accessibility and use of public footpaths

Disability Action Plans are recognised under Federal discrimination law and many state and territory disability services laws as a tool to address access barriers to services and employment over a period of time.

We have experience in working with a number of financial institutions, businesses, educational establishments, state and local government authorities advising on consultation strategies, priority setting and evaluation in respect of Action Plans.